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Frequent Questions

  • Am I required to landscape my lot?
         Subdivision covenants require that landscaping in the front yard and boulevard be completed at the time of construction.  Kentucky blue grass lawn should be planted in the boulevard and front yard, along with Patmore Ash trees  in the boulevard.  The remainder of the yard must be landscaped within twelve months.  The boulevard lawn and trees must be maintained, fertilized, and the lawn mowed weekly during the growing season.
  • Can I build on an easement?
         At no time shall patios, barbecues or other permanent structures be erected upon any utility easement within the boundary of a lot.  Fencing of a permanent nature shall be permitted only if it is of a type that is easily and quickly removed in the form of panels, gates or other similar units of construction.  Lot owners must establish lawn or suitable landscaping and mow irrigate, control noxious weed and otherwise maintain the easement areas within their lot.
  • I would like to build a garage, do I need approval?
         Building, site plans and specifications for all construction, fencing, accessory buildings such as garages or storage sheds, or other lot improvements must be submitted for approval to the Architectural Control Committee in writing before construction begins.  Accessory buildings must be architecturally compatible with the residence on or being constructed on the lot.
  • May I park my vehicle or trailer on the street at night?
         Due to the safety concerns of our narrow streets and snow removal, residents must provide off street parking for their own vehicles.  Walkways and sidewalks should not be used by motorized vehicles.  Street parking is allowed for guests, deliveries or short temporary periods but not overnight parking by residents.  In no event should recreational equipment, such as campers, trailers, motor homes or boats, be parked on the streets.  Recreational and work-related equipment must be enclosed in a garage or otherwise screened area. 
  • What do I do if I notice a violation of subdivision covenants?
    You may use the online report form to notify the HOA of a covenant violation.  Feel free to contact one of the homeowners association board members or email Luna Properties, the subdivision property managers.
  • What type of fence can I build on my property?
         Standard fence designs and materials are described in the subdivision covenants.  Please note that the covenants were amended in December 2015 to allow vinyl fencing material.  Homeowners must submit a construction design and plan to the association Architectural Control Committee for approval of their fence project.
  • What type of trees can I plant in the boulevard?
    The homeowners association has approved the following trees for planting in the boulevards within the subdivision:  American Linden, Norway Maple, Red Maple, Bud Oak and Patmore Ash.

Home Owners
  • Are fireworks allowed in the subdivision?
    Discharge of fireworks anywhere within the subdivision is prohibited by the subdivision's covenants.  Although Gallatin County does not have a fireworks ordinance, the County does have excessive noise ordinances.  Please contact the Gallatin County Sheriff at 582-2100 for more information on county ordinances.
  • Does the homeowners association hold an annual meeting?
    Yes, the Landmark Homeowners Association annual meeting is normally scheduled for the fourth Tuesday in April.
  • I want to get involved in the HOA, how do I do it?
    Thank you for considering further involvement in the activities of the homeowners association.  Please contact one of the board members and let us know which areas are of interest to you.
  • May I store recreational equipment, travel trailers or work trailers on my property?
    Yes, travel trailers, motor homes, recreational equipment and work trailers and similar equipment may be stored on your lot.  However, the equipment and trailers must be stored behind screen fencing.  A description of the specific requirements can be found in the subdivision covenants. In December 2015, the covenants were amended to allow various trailers and recreational equipment to be parked in your driveway during specific months of the year.  Please review the covenants for detailed information.
  • When does the homeowners association board meet?
    The Landmark Homeowners Association board of directors meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the River Rock Community Center.
  • Who do I contact about a barking dog or a loose dog?
         Enforcement of county dog ordinances within the subdivision falls under the jurisdication of the Gallatin County Sheriff.  The sheriff's department can be reached at 582-2100.

Property Care
  • Are the streets within the subdivision public roads?
    The streets within the subdivision, including Landmark Drive, are owned and maintained by the subdivision.  However, the streets are designated for public use so access must be granted for traffic through the subdivision.
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the trees in the boulevards?
    Although the sidewalks and boulevards are not within the property boundaries of each lot, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the trees and landscaping in the boulevards.  Homeowners are also responsible for maintaining and clearing snow from the sidewalks.  Care of the trees includes preventative measures to prevent disease in addition to pruning.  The HOA has approved the following trees for planting in the bouldevards:  Patmore Ash, American Linden, Burr Oak, Norway Maple and Red Maple.
  • Who maintains the trees along the fence bordering the north side of the lots on Red Barn Drive?
         The trees along the fence on the north side of the subdivision bordering Interstate 90 were originally planted by the subdivision developer.  An irrigation drip line was used by the developer to water the trees until that phase of the subdivision was complete.  At the time each lot was sold, the tree ownership and maintenance responsibilities transferred to the lot owner.  The water irrigation system was shut off as the lots were sold and developed.
  • Who provides lawn care and maintenance for the subdivision's park areas?
    Mowing, fertilizing and weed care services for our parks are managed by Luna Properties at 406-582-7490.  Drake Irrigation (406-209-0206) maintains the irrigation sprinkler systems within the parks.

Water Company
  • How can I contact Landmark Water Company?
    Landmark Water Company's mailing address is PO Box 1186, Belgrade, MT 59714.  The telephone number for billing questions is 406-600-2519.  Landmark Water Company's office is located at 26 Shawnee Way, Suite D, Bozeman, MT 59715.  The office telephone number is 586-9922. The Landmark Water Company is a privately owned water company, and it is not affiliated or managed by the Landmark Homeowners Association.
  • Who supplies drinking water to Landmark?
         Potable water services are provided by Landmark Water Company, LLC.  Landmark Development, LLC, the original developers of the subdivision, own and control Landmark Water Company.  Landmark Water Company owns and maintains all the underground water lines that supply water to the individual homes in the subdivision.  The water is supplied to Landmark Water Company by the River Rock Water and Sewer District.  The water is pumped through transmission lines from River Rock to Landmark.  For billing questions call 406-600-2519.  Landmark Water Company's office telephone is 406-586-9922.
    The Landmark Homeowners Association is not affiliated with Landmark Water Company, LLC, and the homeowners association has no control over the operations of Landmark Water Company.  Separate water wells, owned by the homeowners association, provide irrigation water for the parks in the subdivision.