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Approval of Lot & Building Improvements
Article VIII- Architectural Controls
Section 2. Architectural Control- No buildings, construction, landscaping, parking, fence, wall or other improvements shall be placed, constructed, erected, repaired, restored, reconstructed, altered, remodeled, added to or maintained on any Lot or area until building and site plans and specifications, and such other information as the Committee may reasonably require, including, without being limited to colors, building materials and models, have been submitted to, and APPROVED by a majority of the Architectural Control Committee in writing; nor may the same be commenced until he Architectural Control Committee shall have issued a a permit allowing such improvements.

Construction of Home - new build Section 5
Small Remodel Projects - Section 5
Landscape Improvements - Section 21
Exterior Improvements - windows, painting, siding, driveways, etc Section 6, 9, 10
Fence Installation - Section 16
Sheds - Section 15
Garages - Section 12
Dog Kennels - Section 18