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Landmark Water Company
Potable water services for the subdivision are provided by Landmark Water Company, LLC.  Landmark Development, LLC, the original developers of the subdivision, own and control Landmark Water Company.  Landmark Water Company owns and maintains all the underground water lines that supply water to the individual homes in the subdivision.  The water is supplied to Landmark Water Company by the River Rock Water and Sewer District and is pumped through transmission lines from River Rock to Landmark.  For billing questions call 406-600-2519.  Landmark Water Company's office is located at 26 D Shawnee Way, Bozeman, MT 59715, telephone 406-586-9922.
The Landmark Homeowners Association is not affiliated with Landmark Water Company, LLC, and the homeowners association has no control over the operations of Landmark Water Company, the water rates or water quality testing. 
Separate water wells, owned by the homeowners association, provide irrigation water for the parks in the subdivision.
For further information about Landmark Water Company, LLC or to file complaints about water rates you may contact the Montana Public Service Commission. The latest regulatory report filed with the Montana PSC by Landmark Water Company is also available for review.